Q & A with Katarina Roxon

Q- You are a Newfoundland girl, who has roots in Stephenville. You have spent many years training hard to make your way up through the swimming world to become a ParaOlympian. That is very inspiring! Are you still enjoying the preparation and travel for the Toyoko Games, your 4th, as much as you were in the early years?

Katarina - The journey so far in my career has been great. It’s had its many ups and down, Obstacles, times of no motivation, many disappointments, and numerous lessons; but that’s what makes the journey so great.I’m more mature that in previous years and I’m the most veteran on Team Canada so that comes with many experiences and knowledge. Each games I have gone into, were all very unique and with different results. This last one year has been great! I’ve renewed my motivation and love for the sport and with my Dad whose my coach, pushing me and guiding me towards these games, preparation for this summer makes it easier to put my all into my training.

Q-Here in Newfoundland we have a lot of Masters swimmers who are Triathletes, and Participate in Open water swimming events. Do you think you will see yourself participating in either of these types of events in the years ahead?

Katarina - I am definitely open to trying new things, but for right now I’m truly just focusing on Tokyo this summer.

Q-Training for the Olympics is beyond what most of us amateur athletes can imagine in our daily regime. Tell us a little about what your day looks like? How many times and distance you swim, when/what you eat? what you are doing when you are not training? Do you do strength training outside the pool? ETC....

Katarina - A Training day for me depends on the day.

So Monday’s and Wednesday’s

6: 30 wake up

7:30-9:30 - gym

10-10:30 massage

11 - eat and shower

11:30 - work on courses I am doing

1 - 3 nap

4 - 6 swim

6-7 Coach pre Competitive

8 is down time and supper

9:30-10 bed

Tuesday’s and Thursday’s

9 - wake up

9:30 work on course

11-1 swim

2-3 nap

4-6 swim

6:30 eat and shower

7 work on courses

8 down time

9:30-10 bed


Wake up at 8

9-11 swim

11-12 coach pre competitive

12:30 eat

2 -4 gym

Sunday’s are days off for me.

Q-You have Numerous medals and achievements to date on the international para-Swimming Stage. This includes a Gold Medal in the 100m Breast at the Rio para-Olympics in 2016. What are your goals for Toyoko this year?

Katarina - I'm the reigning Paralympic Champion from Rio so of course my goal is to stand back on that podium in Tokyo, as well as set personal best swims!

Q - Para-classifications seem a bit confusing to some of us, with identifying letters and numbers. Tell us what we need to know when we watch you, and other para athletes competing on the International stage?

Katarina - The classification system can be quite confusing so here’s a break down.

Each swimmer is given 3 classes. S- Swim (Individual free, back and Fly), SB- Breaststroke, SM - Individual medley.

The numbers are then ranged from 1-10 for physical impairments, 10 being the least physically impaired. 11-13 for visual impairment, 11 being completely blind, and 14 for intellectual impairment.

To be placed in a class you are tested on land, for many different things such as movement, length, strength, etc, depending on the impairment. Followed up with a water test to see how you move in the water. So the Classification that I am in is S9,SB8,Sm9.

Q-What is 1 cool( or funny, or interesting) thing most people don't know about Katarina Roxon?

Katarina - One thing that I think most people don’t know about me is that I named my Nub. When I was younger I liked the movie “The Wizard of Oz”. Especially the dog on it named Toto. I wasn’t able to say Toto, so it turned into Tutu, and that’s been the name ever since.

*Image from: https://www.flickr.com/photos/govnl/29233260473