Rocky Island Masters Swim Club

February Updates:

Q & A with Katarina Roxon

Katarina Roxon, Paralympic Swimmer, joined a number of RockSwim members for lane swim over the Christmas holidays. To learn more about Katarina, click here to read the interview!

Team Social

Join us for a get together on Sunday, February 16 at Guv'nors Pub! The social will take place after Sunday's workout (6-7 pm). If you can't make the swim workout on the 16th, pop in anyways (around 7:30ish) and join us. All are welcome!

2019/20 Registration is now open!!

Click here for the registration page!

Welcome to the official Rocky Island Masters Swim Club (ROCKSWIM) site. ROCK SWIM, now in its eleventh year, is a Masters Swim Club in St. John's Newfoundland catering to master swimmers and triathletes. This website is a place to catch up on the latest happenings of the swim club and to find details of workouts and special events.