Coach's Spring Newsletter for Group 1

Post date: Mar 28, 2011 1:39:18 PM

Winter does not want to let go!!! While that is good news for all you ski fans out there it also means that we have extra time to devote to our swim training.

Since our Inter-City Time Trial we have been working hard on increasing our endurance and we saw some great results with our CSS workouts. I have to compliment everybody who stuck with the long and sometimes tedious swim sets for four weeks in a row. But it certainly has paid off. Way to go!!!

This week we started our speed workouts in earnest and, while I was looking at each of you swimming at Thursday night's session, I came to realize that I have created some serious competition for myself for this summer's races. I hadn't realized this possibility when I started coaching you last fall and I am just glad that not everybody will be competing in my age and gender category in the upcoming triathlons.

The times in Thursday's swim workout were impressive and with 2900m on Monday and 2400m Thursday night, we certainly did not sell ourselves short on the distances. Good job everybody!!!

But it is not maent to be all hard work and while we certainly will continue to work on speed and endurance for the rest of this season, we are planning a "Fun Night" for Monday April 4th and a "Drills & Thrills" night for Thursday April 7th. I can't say much about the Fun Night other than you will not have to swim a single stroke, but you will be in the water and you will have a good workout.

See you all in the tonight next week for one more week of good workouts and then we will take a "spring break" with our "Fun Night" and "Drills and Thrills" night.

Coach Chris