W 2014 - 05


w/u: 200m free/back mix

4 x 50 kick set on pace time

Main set continuous:

3 x 100m with 10sec RI
1 x 400m with 45 sec RI
3 x 100m with 10 sec RI
1/2/3/4 x 200m with 20 sec RI

w/d: back breast combo
Thursday 6:15pm

w/u  4 x 100m with 5 dolphin kicks off the wall
        3 x 50m  @     1:15/1:20/1:25/1:30/1:35
3 x    Emphasis on:
        Break out
3 x 150 m slow
2 x 150 m steady
1 x 150 m fast
1 x 150m super fast

200m breast/back combo 

Warm up
12/10/8 x 50 odds: dr/build evens: descend stroke count

Main set

5 x [ 5/4/3 x 50 fast!
100 smooth ]

Example pace times below. If you change one round change all so pattern stays the same.
1st round 50s on :55
2nd round 50s on :50
3rd round 50s on :45
4th round 50s on :50
5th round 50s on :55
Make sure 50s are very fast on rounds with lots of rest. Push though rounds with less rest and try to keep time consistent.

Warm down
200-300 as 25scull/25swim