Member Registration

Membership in ROCKSWIM for the 2018 - 2019 is now open!  Click here for the registration link.

There will be a  few changes in the 2018-2019 season:

Why is there a fee increase this year?

In short, it's to cover new expenses incurred for the pool rental. Up until now, we did not rent lanes.

How could we swim if we did not rent lanes?

To fully understand this, we need to go back to Pre-Rockswim times. The Aquarena used to offer regular masters sessions, there was no club, but AQ staff provided workouts at set times for anyone who wanted. The service was provided for a period of time in the early 2000s, but eventually faded away.

In the mid 2000s, the need for a Masters program was identified. Part of that original group was Paul Dawe who worked with the Aquarena and was also a former Legends and Seahawks coach. He became the first head coach, and setup our traditional club model. The understanding at the time was that the club provided coaching covered by membership fees, and the AQ provided access under the public lane/masters swims during the week. Club members would be required to take care of their pool access either through drop in fees, or an Aquarena membership.

We were advised late August that this arrangement would change for the upcoming 2018/2019 season.

What has changed?

The Sunday timeslot is unchanged and remains 5:45 PM to 6:45 PM.

The 8:30 PM Monday time slot at MUN Pool is no longer available, however, the Aquarena has offered to make 4 lanes available under a similar setup at the Aquarena. This new time slot will be from 7:45 PM until 9:00 PM.

The Thursday time slot has been reduced from 8 lanes for both public lanes and masters lanes to 4 lanes, with 3 public and 1 masters. Further complicating things is the fact that the change is to accommodate the Syncronized Swimming club who will be using the other half of the pool. 

Is there an alternative for the Thursday sessions?

Yes. There is an hour available at MUN pool on Wednesday evening from 8:30 PM until 9:30 PM.

The downside is that it's only available for one hour as opposed to two we traditionally had at the AQ on Thursday, and we have to rent these lanes. The pro is that once we rent the lanes, they are ours to do whatever we see fit, including mini meets, filming, etc.

How did the committee determine the $175 fee?

We had our financial director come up with some proposed fee structures based on our known expenses (Mainly coaching and pool rental) and our revenue from membership fees based on historical membership data. The fee we came up with was the one that allows the club to cover its projected costs.

Are there any other changes to the upcoming season?

We are using the previously mentioned schedule changes to re-brand the workouts and move away from the traditional model of Sunday speedwork, Monday technique, and Thursday Endurance. Our coaching staff will set out the sessions to align with their overall season strategy and end goal.

Please review this article on lap swimming etiquette (LSE 101)!