Swim Gear


Chocolate brown hooding with ROCK SWIM logo emblazoned on the front!       Also, available, new ROCK SWIM silicone swim caps!

$25:00 (includes HST)                                                                                         $10.00 (includes HST) 

Great for pool deck & wearing to & from the pool.                             All important to look good in the pool!                                                                                                                 
(Liam not included!!)

Alliance Team™ Backpack II
 $110.00 (includes HST)    

A new twist to an old classic. The revamped Alliance Team Backpack II showcases numerous features to rave about.   
  • Embroidered with our white ROCKS SWIM logo
  • Google saver pocket on inside pouch
  • Reinforced inner pockets
  • iPod pocket
  • Suit hanger carabiners
  • Improved zipper function
  • Larger dry compartment opening for quicker drying less smell 

    Take the Plunge

    Need paddles or fins?
    Make sure to check with "Take the Plunge" and don't forget to claim your discount for just simply being a Rockswim club member or order online by just simply clicking here.