Grp 2 Week of Oct 10th

Thursday Oct 13

Warm up

7/6/5 x 100         odds: build

                              Evens: 50 drill/ 50 swim (different drill for each 100)


Main set

3x           [ 3/2 x 50 drill

               6/5/4 x 50 descend

               100 smooth]

               1st round – drill: 838 working on body roll

               2nd round – drill: fist drill working on catch

               3rd round – choice drill


Warm down

200-300 as 50 free/50 any other stroke

Sunday Oct 16

Warm up

3/6/9 x 100         as           100 swim

                                             50 swim/ 50 kick

                                             50 drill/50 swim


Choice of 2 Main sets


Set 1: (distance)

With a partner (take turns and get each others times)


1st 400 keep consistent pace, partner gets time for each 100

2nd 400 neg split, partner gets time at 200 and final time

3rd 400 fast partner gets time

400s are continuous (no stopping) and take turns so one person swims a 400 then gets times then swims then times… not 3 400s in a row.


Set2: (sprint)

3x           3/2 x 100

1st round neg split 100s, partner gets time at 50 and final time

2nd round hold same time for all 100s, partner gets times for each 100

3rd round descend 100s, partner gets times

take turns so one person swims a round then gets times then swims then times… not 3 rounds in a row.


Warm down

200- 300 easy, loosen up, mix in a bit of drill or kick