Grp 1, week of March 19th

w/u – 300m smooth


4  x 75m  back/free/back

4 x 75m breast/free/back


8(6) x 150m

(75m tempo/75m easy)(15 sec rest)

200m tempo(as 50s) (20 sec rest)

300m tempo(as 75s) (30 sec rest)

100m Tempo


c/d:  100m back

100m breast



w/ u  100m Breast

100m Back Stroke


Build :

Kick/Drill set:

4 x 50m kick

2 x 50m drill

2 x 50m kick

2 x 50m drill



4 x 50m (progressive faster)

 8 x 100m Alternating at race pace effort and easy 30 sec/15 sec rest 

3 x 200m (50m at race pace/150m easy)

c/d: 50m back

50m breast  (2400m)