Swim Schedule

First swim of the season will be Thursday Sep 20.

ROCKSWIM will utilize, for the 2018/2019 swim season, the following pool workout times:


Monday      8:30 pm  9:30 pm MUN Pool 5 lanes (Speed Session during the month of October, Technique Session for the remainder of the season)


Thursday   Group 1 session       6:15 pm  7:15 pm AQ Pool 5 lanes (based on 1:50 pace time or greater)


Thursday    Group 2 session      7:15 pm  8:15 pm AQR Pool 5 lanes (based on 1:50 pace time or less)


Sunday    5:45 pm   6:45 pm AQ Pool 5 lanes (Stroke Session during the month of October, Speed Session for the remainder of the season))


The length and intensity of the workouts for the two groups will be as follows:


 Group 1  Workouts 

            Workout Length per hour: 1500-2500 m. 

            Focus for this group is on stroke technique and learning new strokes.

            Average, but not necessarily restricted to the pace time* for 100m: from 1:50 - 2:30.

            Swimmers with faster than above listed pace times can also benefit from this group.


 Group 2 Workouts 

            Workout Length per hour: 2500-4000 m.

            Focus for this group is less technique, but more speed sessions.

           Average, but not necessarily restricted to the pace time* for 100m: from 1:15 - 1:50.


*Pace time: Pace time refers to the total of rest and swim time taken to complete on regular intervals a fixed length of swim.  For instance, the coach asks for a swimmer to swim 3 x 100m on a 2 min pace time. This means the swimmer swims the 100 m length and has a quick rest at the pool before starting on the 2nd 100m length 2 minutes after the first.


Please review this article on lap swimming etiquette (LSE 101)!

Please note that Masters Swimming Canada has released their 2013-2017 Rule Book; links are as follows:

English article http://mymsc.ca/Article.jsp?id=229

French article http://mymsc.ca/Article.jsp?locale=fr&id=230